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As with everything that seems to be too good to be true, this is too ... but this time for a good cause - please read on!

I love photographing weddings. I take pictures of happy couples making life-long commitments to one another and then watch them celebrate that commitment with friends and family ... and I get to tell their story through my images.

Yet, there are many couples who can't afford a photographer to capture their special day. Either through tragedy, illness, some other untimely event, or due to dire economic circumstances, their wedding day isn't going to be preserved for them to enjoy ever after. Their commitment to one another is no less, however.

I'd like to help couples faced with unfortunate circumstances. At least once per year, I will donate my services to a couple whose economic circumstances don't permit them the luxury of hiring a professional photographer. In fact, I won't limit this offer to just couples getting married but will extend it to families who may have other unique photographic needs such as having a family member with a terminal or life-changing illness combined with significant economic hardship.

You needn't worry about my being sensitive to helping others in need. I've great empathy for others especially those experiencing a difficult time in their lives.

To fulfill my commitment to help , I'll travel anywhere within a 3 hour drive of Worcester, Massachusetts. In addition, other photographers have joined the team:

Carla TenEyck, Connecticut   Todd Wright, South Carolina
Sue Martin, Virginia   Nicole Cook, Oregon
Jessica Gobble, Utah   Sue Lojko, New Hampshire
Mckeva Livingstone, New York City   Olivia Wilcox, Rhode Island
Jennifer Corridan, Western MA    

If you want to help others qualify for free photography, please provide the following information to John at MomentsKept:
  1.   At least 45 days prior to the wedding, a short story telling me about why this couple or individual needs a "helping hand". Please focus the contents of the essay on why they are unique - simply not having money isn't unique but not having money while unselfishly giving to others is!

This story may not be submitted by the couple or individual themselves. Please include your name and phone number with the essay as well as the names and addresses of the couple you're writing about.
  2.   Also include the names and telephone numbers of at least three public witnesses that can verify the accuracy of the story told in #1. These public witnesses may include a member of the clergy (minister, priest, etc.), a police officer, or other member of society in high standing. Newspaper clippings (or links) may substitute for one of the witnesses.


Once a month I'll review the essays received and will contact the submission writers about those individuals that I'd like further information on. Note that I'll acknowledge receipt of all applications and I won't contact anyone discussed in the essays without first asking if it is okay to do so.

That's all there is to it. I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, John Fitzpatrick


Attention Photographers/DJ's/etc: if you'd like to team up with me to offer your services in your part of the country, send me an email. My goal is to create a network of photographers and/or other professional services that can be donated.


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