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I capture wedding stories differently. The majority of my images are truly candid.

I use the very real emotions and feelings you have for each other to create candid moments that I, in turn, capture with my camera. The result? Timeless images that you'll treasure forever without the unpleasantness of trying to be a model...when you're not!

The pictures are then of you doing what you do best...being yourselves!  And the emotions and feelings captured are yours and not ones that I try to create.  That's an oversimplified version but I trust you get the concept - most of my images are truly candid and those that aren't, still look it, and are pain free!!

I've been an avid photographer for over 20 years and my images have appeared on billboards, in magazines, and a recently released book.  Yet, it's the small things that often touch my heart as children and their innocence frequently grace my pictures.

So, after all that's said and done, I still feel like I'm given a wonderful gift when asked to capture one of life's events. Perhaps, you'll give me the honor of capturing one of yours.

Thanks for stopping by, John

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Welcome to the Simi Valley Photographer website and more about this LA Photographer. If you’re looking for a San Fernando Valley wedding photographer that’s different, you’ve come to the right place! This Simi Valley and San Fernando Valley Photographer will capture all the precious moments of your wedding day. Many Simi Valley photographers talk about being candid photographers, I truly am. Well over 90% of my online Simi Valley wedding pictures are candid – the bride and groom have fun and I capture it!